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photo by @artbyhybrid


CHREECE (“Cheers” and “Peace”)

is a single-day music festival in August 

created in 2015 to unite the various branches of Indiana and the Midwest's wide ranging and diverse hip-hop scene. With over 1500+ attendees each year and growing, Chreece is attempting to set the bar for Indianapolis and Midwest Hip Hop Culture.



After the success of the first three festivals, Chreece Presents has been formed to promote Hip Hop Culture on a year round basis.  While attending the Music Cities Conference in April, Live Nation’s Dan Kemer and Chreece Presents got together to discuss ideas on how to further develop Indy’s live Hip Hop music scene.  From these discussions, Chreece Presents was born.  The newly formed promotion company will assist Live Nation in promoting Hip Hop shows, curate local music showcases and assist in securing local opening slot opportunities on national tours. This is a great move for live Hip Hop in Indiana and will only strengthen an already burgeoning music scene.



photo by @thesocalledwillies

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